BENEFITS............The business model provides you with many benefits:

EARN INCOME      by becoming a marketer of the retail products and property shares 
supplied by the co-op to its members.
BENEFITS - The ability to earn personal income in several ways.

      You can build you own marketing business from home, supported by the   
      Co-op and the supply companies affiliated to the Co-op. This is your own   
      personal business that you may develop and expand as much as you want.

      You can market Co-op "memberships with Shares" for commission. This is a
      Co-op team activity and has no stock purchase requirements.

      You can own an unlimited number of Shares for :
      (a) Proportionate Property Development
      (b) Proportionate Property Sales Profit

      Your shareholding entitles you to OWN a proportionate share of the retained
      property assets of the Co-op for capital appreciation (see graph) and for
      dividend distribution from leasing and rental income from retained property.

      You are entitled to enter the training and leadership development program to
      become a Director of your own Co-op similar to this one.

Reg No: 2018/001012/24
MAKE PROFIT       from proportionate ownership of the property trading of the Co-op.
OWNERSHIP         of a proportionate share of property assets acquired by the Co-op.
Making Profit
700% appreciation 1995 -2015
This is your piece

of the property pie