BENEFITS............The business model provides you with many benefits:

INCOME                by becoming a marketer of the retail products and property shares 
                             supplied by the co-operative organization to its members.
All contract work and services supplied to the Co-op is by the Co-op members.

Dividends from leased property are shared by the Co-op members. 

Members have proportionate joint ownership of the property portfolio of the Co-op. 

Leadership development programme for mentoring members to Directorship.

Reg No: 2018/001012/24
PROFIT                from  proportionate ownership of the property trading of the Co-op.
OWNERSHIP       of a proportionate share of property assets acquired by the Co-op.
The distribution of profits from the sale of jointly owned property is proprortionate to the shareholding of each member.

The Co-op property fund is held with a registered financial services provider at a preferential interest rate.

Interest generated on unused funds in the co-op property account is distributed to the members in proportion to their funding allocation in that account.

If YOU are seeking property ownership and wealth creation JOIN US NOW.

Making Profit
Paid for work
Sharing Growth