MARKETING.       ALL co-op members are marketers of 'Memberships with Shares'.

MARKETERS ...    Earn bonuses for each Membership sale with at least ONE share.

MARKETERS ...    May sell an uncapped number of 'Memberships with Shares'.

MARKETERS ..     May sell the other retail product lines supplied by the Co-op.
Reg No: 2018/001012/24

The co-op has 10,000 shares for sale by its marketer members.

The first share costs R4750.00 and all subsequent shares are R3500.00 each.

Marketers earn R2750.00 on the sale of  .... 3 Memberships each with1 share.

Thereafter marketers earn R1250.00 on each new limit on sales.

Marketers also have access to a wide range of products supplied by the coop.

    Marketers may enter the Leadership Programme to become Co-op Directors.

Executive Marketers may also earn bonuses for training and mentoring.

Marketers may acquire an unlimited number of shares in the property fund.

The Co-op marketer development programme is designed to create long-term sustainable businesses individually OWNED by the marketers, and joint ownership of a large property portfolio within the co-op.