YEAR 1               To develop and maintain a sustainable business programme for
The co-operative business will be continuously improved each year as it expands
creating a continuous development of new identical cooperatives city by city.

The cooperative will be the master model for identical cooperatives serving the need of ordinary people to obtain short-term income long-term financial security.

Reg No: 2018/001012/24
short-term cash flow, medium term income, and long term assets
YEAR 2               A growth-based scaleable programme founded in the property market
The cooperative is the first of its kind in South Africa and as a leader in its field, its mission is to become a respected national brand within five years.

The business model will be used to empower and facilitate skills transfer at all levels, to create business activity for its members, and to acquire an increasing property portfolio owned by its members.

In due course, International development will flow from its local success because of the nature of the model.

The 'consumer' cooperative is a member driven, member managed organization with all of its income and accrued assets owned by its members.

Short term Profit
YEAR 3               To expand the programme throughout the country and internationally
'Power of Three'
mentoring programme